Salad Days

As we prepare tonight’s dinner, eating something we sowed ten months ago,
we appreciate the necessity for forward planning and Not Letting Things Slip.

So, although skies may play fast and loose
using the polytunnels, we should be able to harvest salad all the year round. But when Autumn comes it is easy To Let Things Slip.

This year we are determined to plant regularly and keep things going. We have so far kept this up for a month, germinating on the hotbed
which still has a core temperature of 65 degrees, and then quickly moving on
This system means we are pricking out salad leaves, which is not normal
(notice the use of slug-deterring bran, which we learned about here)

So today’s sowing, as an experiment, took place in guttering lengths
with a view to sliding the seedlings into a new location.

Also today, Dinah sorts out her maternity quarters
while Bert keeps a nose on things

The wind may still be blowing, the rain falling, and the temperature dropping
but daylight is lengthening and life is insuppressible

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