Cross-border plundering

Yesterday we hitched up the trailer and journeyed to foreign lands. We saw strange sights: roads so wide that two vehicles could travel in the same direction side by side; houses joined together and with land at the front strangely hardened.

When we returned to the plot we had to have a quick work out

to remind ourselves that shaping the land is why we exist (although it is really the land that is shaping us)

From across the border we brought back, among other things,

Three conifers to go behind the Lake
Two tyres, found in a lay-by
and one sekura, flowering cherry

Plus a seat from which to view it all

2 thoughts on “Cross-border plundering

  1. Our first path down to the middle pond was made by Phil and his hand mower… wiggled around a bit and can still be found in the woodland 7 years on! Happy tree planting!


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