Happiness is Libellula depressa

Earlier this year we brought water to the bottom of the Meadow

Insects dutifully turned up…
Pond Skaters, Water Boatmen, Diving Beetles, and small shiny things that zoom round in circles.

Damsel flies are nice

Coenagrion puella moves in

And then today

We read “Libellula depressa is often the first dragonfly to colonise new habitats such as newly created ponds” so this is the first… others to follow?

We read “They characteristically return to a favoured perch, in the sun” and we watch as, for several hours, it repeatedly circles the water and returns to:

We read ” When a female enters a male’s territory the male will fly up and grab the female. Mating occurs on the wing and the pair are in tandem for only a brief period, often less than a minute”

He waits

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