Hen v Machine

Claire has been sitting here for three weeks

Well, longer actually as she had been broody for a few days before we decided to give her some eggs. We have never used a broody for hatching before. We did try a while ago but were so concerned about the hen losing condition we moved the eggs to an incubator.

Claire has sat motionless for 23 hours and 50 minutes every day, only emerging for a quick feed and comfort break.

And today, underneath her, we have

Meanwhile indoors
we also have signs of life


One thought on “Hen v Machine

  1. Until recently we have always had a cockerel . When the hens hatch their brewed they teach them where and how to find their food. They lay in nesting boxes and don’t stray too far from home.
    We then had a go at incubating chicks…..who, with no mum for guidance, we now have a generation of feral hens who roam to the far ends of the earth, have no sense of danger, and hide away for days, they lay in obscure places including the hedgerows (where we may or may not find dozens of eggs not fit for consumption)
    So mum and chicks is best!,,💛🐔🐣💛🐣💛🐣🐣🐣🐣


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