Very expensive wine

“Country” wines are all very well but if one had to cost in the time spent on them they might not be cheap. Constantly sterilising and rinsing everything involved takes half the time. At least at this time of year it can all take place outside, with judicial use of garden hose and pressure washer.

The thing is, one has to go round over a year before finding out if anything is any good. Right now we are bottling Plum, Damson, and Crabapple from last year. Also Rowan, which a quick taste shows to have promise
Also a mixture including our own grapes, and cider from the apple trees
Elderflower Champagne made this year – we don’t have to wait as long to drink this

We had not started wine making this time last year so these are our first attempts at Blackcurrant
and Redcurrant

We are surrounded by juvenile birds. The Dunnocks have just appeared
They do have to share their feeder

The Middle Ducks have to have a bath upgrade so they still have room to share

also today

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