To he who waits…


Six weeks ago we were excited to report the arrival of the first real dragonfly at our new pond.

We learned how Libellula depressa “returns to a favoured perch in the sun”


and eventually “when a female enters a male’s territory the male will fly up and grab the female. Mating occurs on the wing and the pair are in tandem for only a brief period, often less than a minute”

So we excited to be there two days ago for that minute. So excited we didn’t manage to take a picture until the female danced over the water, depositing eggs on the floating foliage


Like the rest of the UK, we are acutely aware of butterfly decline. Memories of the past when every buddleia was clouded in a haze of Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals and Peacocks.

We have had one Red Admiral mooching around for a couple of months and then, yesterday, five newly hatched individuals on the buddleia