An Inspector Calls

“There are two serious brood diseases of honeybee in the UK which are currently notifiable and subject to control under The Bee Diseases and Pests Control Order 2006. These are American and European foulbrood, AFB and EFB respectively. The control of AFB and EFB disease is the responsibility of the National Bee Unit’s Inspectors who carry out a risk based inspection programmes on registered colonies across England and Wales. If you keep honeybee colonies in England or Wales, you may be contacted by your local Bee Inspector to inspect your bees.”


Fortunately the Bee Inspector not only inspects but also dispenses good advice


We are pleased to hear that our first bee colony is disease free, in good shape and has sufficient food stored up to last the winter.

Mind you, the Inspection did stir them up a bit

Meanwhile Bert gets excited


Is it to so with Lottie next door?