Ian and Saint and John

So, back at the beginning of August we had some Cayuga eggs in the incubator and only one hatched.

Welcome Solo

Solo was lonely. The only ducklings we could find in the locality were Muscovies so three came to help Solo along

They grew up happily together

(although Solo had some difficult learning to speak Muscovy)

The Muscovies were so interesting we got some eggs to put in the incubator.

But only one hatched.

Welcome Ian

A mirror, a pet guineapig and non-stop Radio 4 kept him amused for a week but he really needed feathered company.

So today we fetched the only other young ducklings we could find – two Aylesburys

At first Ian was a bit aloof

But soon they were in step

and Ian was enjoying something new to peck

Ian of course is a Lavender but now he is part of Ian, Saint and John

(We are not planning to get any Aylesbury hatching eggs)