Fitting in – standing out

Ian, starting life all alone (apart from a mirror and a stuffed guinea pig), didn’t really know how to be a duck until St John were brought to keep him company. Now he is trying hard to copy their poses


But if the door is opened on to the dining table St John look on respectfully


while Ian remembers his first week of handling and hops out to join the meal


then, forgetting he is trying to fit in as duck, decides he likes humans better



Meanwhile storm Brian is visiting. The Buddhist tree is on countdown to winter – when the last leaf is gone…


Ian St John are briefly deposited in the arms of Brian while their home is cleansed. Subsequently a lot of preening is needed


Outside, Brian is taking his toll on the ground


as Solo and his Muscovites take their afternoon wheat.

Here Solo is trying to fit in by learning Muscovese, a silent hiss and an exchange of beaks


followed by some peer grooming


Over the way the Cayuga flock are very vocal


but Solo tries to contain himself – to fit in



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