Three years – Ninety-four years

Three years ago, four of us left the city for a new adventure.

Muriel was the senior adventurer – 91 years old at the time


Since arriving at Gribin Isaf she has often talked about the peace and tranquility she found here, the freedom from close neighbours, the pleasure she has gained from being close to animals and watching the every changing view to the distant mountains.

In the Autumn she welcomed Robin, her latest great-grandchild, to Gribin Isaf.


During the first hours of the new year Muriel died peacefully here at home, between the Christmas tree and the log-fire. Robin was there and his call was the last sound she heard.

Muriel Crewe Searle








2014-07-20 Mum's Birthday

2014-07-18 Chatsworth Farm

2014-07-18 Chatsworth Farm

2014-07-18 Chatsworth Farm


11 thoughts on “Three years – Ninety-four years

  1. Three wonderful years.We are so pleased to have played a small part in them and to have met your lovely mum. Thank you so much for sharing these snapshots which show an amazing caring family spirit.
    Big hugs Roz and Phil x


  2. I’m so sorry to hear your sad news, but what a privilege that your Mum found the peace and tranquility
    that she wished for.
    Thinking of you all.
    Chris xx

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  3. Dear Beth & Stephen,I found your news and the lovely memories incredibly moving. Just wanted to send you my love & let you know that I’m thinking about you. Josie


  4. A moving tribute. I am gad to have met her and shared some of the tranquillity of Gribin Isaf.

    Love and condolences,



  5. Hi Stephen
    What wonderful memories to have. So sorry to hear, hope ur all keeping ur chins up at this difficult time and by the way You look so much like ur Mum too 🙋🏿X


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