There are enough truisms about ducks and water, but the thing is they are all true.

Our Cayugas can’t get enough of it. When their pond was given a refill these two were at their ablutions as soon as there was an inch of water


personal boundaries breaking down amid the enthusiasm


The after-bath flap


A bit more water in and the hidden occupants can throw up some spray


Some of our animals live in blissful ignorance of a water-free world. This is Ken (the Loach)


and new arrival Rob the Bob replacement


Outside water comes…


…and goes sufficiently to allow our bees a little foray


2 thoughts on “Aquaphiles

  1. Is Rob the Bob a Plecostomus? They can get really big. A friend of mine had one that grew to about a foot long. It was a lovely fish. Great bottom feeders and cleaners in general.


  2. Yes he is. We had one before which lived quite a while but they really should have a heated tank so this time we have moved from not heating to maintaining 22 degrees. We are relying on him to clean up the glass which has got a bit murky since his predecessor died.


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