Busy as bees

Our internet was down for two weeks and then when it was restored so much had happened and so many photos were in the pipeline we were paralysed in resuming this diary.

Today we inspected the bees.


One event for which there are not many photos because when two people are managing a hive inspection there are not many hands left available for photography. This was after the event:


where a clean-up operation was in progress where a honey-rich super had been sitting on this stand.

The weather has been so up and down that at times they have been very busy


visiting the Lake for water


while at others they have stayed indoors.

We have prepared a bait hive in case of swarming


We are just glad they have made it through the winter as another structure has been appearing in the wood


part of which is going to be a bee shed – all ready for honey extraction.

It is a shed of two parts as this earlier picture shows


and the other part is not a dance floor

Here is a clue from earlier