Pond Census

Pond 1


Pond 1 is not much more than a metre in diameter but is teeming with life. There may be newts in other ponds but here they can easily be seen. Shine a torch into the water after dark and they are immediately visible. It is surprising there is any room for them considering the growth of Water Lily. Despite having other water available, birds like to drink from here – when the level is a little low they perch on the side and then fully invert their bodies to reach the water below.

Pond 2


Like Pond 1 this was inherited from our predecessors. Here it is being dug out in 2002
It was in the middle of grassland with a few small shrubs and saplings round about
Those saplings are now mature trees which, together with ten-foot bamboo, overshadow the water which easily fills with leaves. That is fine as it now provides unique habitats – and has newts.

Pond 3


Was dug out eighteen months ago and has attracted a fascinating range of animals
One Water Lily root, extracted from Pond 1 last year is expanding to take advantage of the space

Pond 4


Is taking shape at the bottom of the large polytunnel, known as Zenith. Living at this altitude, with this weather, we have discovered that polytunnels are a wonderful way to create micro-climates. The first one is strictly utilitarian – grapes, figs, kiwi-fruit – the run of the mill stuff but Zenith is slowly taking shape to combine growing space with a sensuous and stimulating place to be. This includes a place to sit when the weather is a bit inclement, looking at the view – and Pond 4


(not that we do sit – but just planning for ten years hence)

Elsewhere in Zenith the tomatoes are being set out – ready to be supported by bamboo from Pond 2


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