Rabbit Proof Fence

We normally watch Gardeners World on Friday but this week we did not get round to it until this evening when we found that Monty Don had made rabbit protection just like the one we constructed today
except that ours is better – his did not have a stile.
Our is to protect herbs. Rabbit numbers seem up at the moment
This one is pretending to eat grass but as soon as we are not looking it will be sampling our vegetables.

The strange weather combinations we have had so far this year have resulted in abundant growth. The house is weighted down by wisteria, roses and honeysuckle

The swallows were late and reduced in number but we now have one brood in the shed

We have young woodpeckers around – a little bit clueless, maybe due to having lost a parent to the Sparrowhawk. This one is thinking about having a bath

Muscovy ducks are said to be good mothers in spite of having a longer than average incubation period. We have Muscovies by accident and Cagney has gone broody only getting up once a day for a wash and brush-up
The problem is, she is sitting on just two eggs

Other moments from today


and the curtain call

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