One swallow does not make a summer but…

…two do

We have mentioned the swallow brood from time to time but now that they are (almost) done it seems time for a résumé.

Like all migrants this year, the Swallows seemed to arrive late and, from local reports, in smaller numbers than in recent years.

Sometimes we have had two pairs, for the last couple of years just one. The suitable nesting sites round here are spaced out by hundreds of metres. Do the same ones come to us… or their offspring?

When the Flycatchers arrive they seem to start building a nest the same day but the swallows spend weeks fussing around before they get down to business.

When they did, they ignored the specially designed swallow nesting cup we have had in place in the woodshed and chose a place in the rafters near by.

In due course the brood hatched

and in time we could see there were five youngsters

Eventually they made the big journey from the nest – to a beam a few inches away

Then came the Big Day when they had to fly all the way outside
to the Duck run
the ducks were non-plussed

There is always one that is reluctant to leave

for good reason because where there were five, this evening there are four

temporarily back in the safety of the woodshed while they listen to bedtime stories about somewhere called Africa