Hedgehog report

With the national hedgehog population declining we have worked on ways to help it out at Gribin Isaf. Feeding of course, but also caring for the late-born youngsters who have not put down sufficient fat to survive a winter hibernation.

After various ad hoc arrangements in the past, last Autumn we insulated a shed, put in tube heaters and successfully brought seven individuals through the winter for a Spring release.

The drought conditions this summer have made things very hard for hedgehogs. The hard dry ground has made their natural food supply difficult to find.

Back in early July we found this hedgehog
underweight and dehydrated. We took it into care and it quickly put on weight.

We realised we had a hedgehog hotel with spare capacity so did let the local vets know that we could take on cases that were brought to them.

So last week we had a call and brought this home
weighing in at just 137g

It proved to be a feisty youngster, nipping the hand that fed it. Fortunately it was just about past the stage where it would need feeding through the night so four-hourly daytime feeds quickly helped it gain weight:

Tuesday – 137g
Wednesday – 153g
Thursday – 183g
Friday – 197g
Saturday – 200g

Very nearly a 50% increase in five days

In addition this hedgehog gave us the first exhibition of self-anointing we have ever seen.


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