Multiple accommodation units and visiting predators

The number of animal runs requiring daily attention seems to be increasing by the day.

Cagney and her two (! – and one is not even hers) chicks have a protected run within the lower poultry zone
They are not lonely as James, the other ducks, and the hens too all come by for a chat.

Nearby the Three Little Maids are making themselves at home behind the Buzzard Proof Fence

The five incubator hatchlings now have a day house outside
using the Guinea Pig run vacated when those occupants moved in here

Both cared for hedgehogs are thriving and now have runs outside

We set up the night camera last night to see if the badger was still visiting…

He was.

Plus early morning brought this visitor
looking around for her breakfast

This run might be very temporary

One of the Cayugas had been disappearing into the bushes and last night stayed in there. Investigation showed a clutch of fifteen eggs which she was attempting to sit on. Today we retrieved the eggs and set up this home – although unsure which duck was responsible for a while we tested two of them (it was a bit like the Judgement of Solomon) However, come bed time, neither was very interested so we are thinking of calling the whole thing off.