New lodger

Last year we had up to half a dozen adult hedgehogs visiting the feeders during the evening – which was nice, and then had to look after seven Autumn juveniles all through the winter – which was nice but also hard work.

This year everything has been topsy-turvy. There was a good visible population during the Spring and then the drought altered everything. Hedgehogs’ natural food supplies decreased and due to the lack of normal food supplies a hungry visiting young badger appeared on our patch. For the first time we had to provide summer care for two struggling individuals, one from our plot and one referred by the vets. They gained enough weight to be released but we have had no evidence of activity in the local population for the last few months.

Today we had a call from the vet and took in this new arrival


who had to be thoroughly de-loused before admission


Otherwise today we have been anti-shopping…

Some last apples from the top of a tree


Some firewood from over the hill


and some pig fodder from down in the meadow


Other glimpses from around the plot today:









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