Birds in Wrong Places

Its the age old problem of too many males who have no productive use.

As part of the convoluted series of events which resulted in our current duck miscellany Cagney, our then sole Muscovy female, hatched two eggs resulting in a Muscovy Drake and a Cayuga Drake (don’t ask)


Elsewhere we have a very stable Cayuga flock cared for by long-standing Drake Lucky so this one has no place there. The Muscovy Drake


Is very handsome but we already have one too many resulting in John getting rather worn out:


(John is neither male nor Muscovy – don’t ask)

Meanwhile our broody batch in the summer resulted in three hens and three cockerels, which I suppose is reasonable, if a little unhelpful. One cockerel was disposed of quickly but we thought we would bring on the other two as we did have a vacancy – one vacancy. So now someone has to go:


To balance things here are two birds in the right place:



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