Feeding the semi-hibernating hedgehog

During the summer drought our hedgehog population vanished.  In previous years it was not unusual to see five or six individuals visit the feeding bowls.

The parched hard ground made a diet of beetles and worms impossible to find. In addition we had evidence of a very hungry badger (who would also normally feed on worms) increasing its range in search of food Рwhich might well have included hedgehogs. We did care for and release 2 summer hoglets, where their mothers had probably died as a result of badgers or the drought. And this winter we have had two vet referrals living in the hoggery hostel, now semi-hibernating.

As we have a feral cat that does the rounds every night,


our hedgehog feeder now looks like this


with a supposed cat-proof maze inside


We have seen the cat weasel its way through there but it must have had some good hunting as this week it has a try


and walks away

One never knows when a hibernating hedgehog is going to get up for a quick snack so this week we were pleased to see this had happened


definitely not a cat


Last night we got further evidence



Good to see activity again.