Hedgehogs should definitely stay in bed

The sun may be shining


The bees may be buzzing


Young ducks


may be laying their first eggs


Buds may be bursting


and the nights may be bright


but hedgehogs should still be hibernating.

This little one spends all night looking for food. There at 9 pm


still searching at 3 am


and still at it when it is six o’clock in the morning.


Although Seven degrees is not cold, he has been doing this even when temperatures were as low as one degree. So he should only be coming out occasionally for a top up, not constantly hunting for food. We decide to take him into our care.


Weighing just 460g he will be fattened up with the other guests to return outside when the real Spring comes. Could well be a previously fattened up hog we released last summer after the drought.


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