The Birds and The Bees

Avian amour is all around.

We think we have three male Pied Flycatchers. That might not be as simple as three pairs as they are known for their polygyny.

This one


has a prime beat for flying insects – over the compost heaps.

House sparrows, on the other hand, are monogamous but are meant to like social nesting sites. In spite of having this box available to supply that facility for many years this is the first time it has been fully utilised


Strange pairings are occurring in the duck run with each of these Muscovy drakes having struck up a relationship with an Aylesbury duck



This pair have mated for life and aren’t going anywhere


We lost our bee colony to wasps late last summer, which was a sad end particularly as they had survived being buried in snow earlier that year.

A few weeks ago a replacement colony arrived and today we were able to add a second





and at the same time our mentor helped us mark the Queen in the first hive


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