1,597 days: pause for reflection

After 1,597 days living on this little plot, a moment’s refection on ways it has changed during that time:


As people who have lived in the West during a time that made us “privileged and lucky human beings” – more so than any generation in the past… or in the future, and then burdened by Barack Obama’s assertion:


while knowing that those efforts to “do something about it” are ultimately doomed does pose the question of how to live in modern times.

“Then what is the answer? Not to be deluded by dreams.
To know that great civilisations have broken down into violence,
and their tyrants come, many times before.
When open violence appears, to avoid it with honor or choose
the least ugly faction; these evils are essential.
To keep one’s own integrity, be merciful and uncorrupted
and not wish for evil; and not be duped
By dreams of universal justice or happiness. These dreams will
not be fulfilled.
To know this, and know that however ugly the parts appear
the whole remains beautiful.”

And so our answer takes the form of a small patch of the Earth and all that lives there. To nurture it while letting it nurture us.






2 thoughts on “1,597 days: pause for reflection

  1. Your glorious photos & blog put joy in my heart in this dreadful confused country we are living in currently. Thanks You! Josie x


  2. It is good to celebrate what has been achieved here, which includes the wood planted by our predecessors. A very different life from before and we do feel we are making a difference, even if it is just a small space.


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