This guest of summer…

All the people around us say Swallow numbers are down this year. We will have to wait to see if this is a a blip or a trend.

It was late in the season when one pair finally moved into the woodshed


They seemed to be first-timers as they were easily disturbed and we had to move out all the feed bins to minimise disturbance.

They did not even have to make their own “pendent bed, or procreant cradle” as they took advantage of the ready made nest





She did manage to successfully hatch four eggs


The day before yesterday they were coaxed out of the nest and on to a beam



They have been on a few experimental flights, mainly learning how to fly through any handy doorways leading to sheds or the house.

Mainly though they prefer sitting on the beam


And this evening they were all back in their nest out of the rain.

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