Multipling like rabbits…

…and they are not even breeding yet.

When we decided to start keeping rabbits again – after a break of about 25 years – we looked around for an attractive (as well as meaty) breed.

So we travelled two hours North to bring back Rory, the Silver Fox Buck


We then set about trying to find him some ladies and at that point discovered that there are not many people in the UK breeding Silver Foxes.

We eventually tracked down an experienced breeder three hours away and yesterday drove off to collect a pair of does.

We were exposed to a lot of rabbit lore and an offer we could not refuse:

Five for the price of Two

So Rory is joined by two does – Heidi and Anna:


and another pair of does together with a young buck – Easter, Lettuce and Stewart:


They are all installed in temporary accommodation


and Rory has been visiting



as has Jessie