High Summer Blooms

When August arrives it seems like the beginning of the end.

Many plants are done with flowers and getting on with the serious business of seeds.

Acorns are forming on the oaks


and the hazel nuts seem to be heading for a bumper year


But there is still a lot of colour around the meadow. Harebells just seem to go on and on with the flowers always looking pristine


and Honeysuckle continues to thread through the hedges


The Meadow Vetchling


and Birdsfoot Trefoil


add yellow flashes to the meadow which is now predominantly russet in hue


Insects continue to be attracted including this Small White


and Oedemera nobilis – the Swollen-thighed Beetle

Oedemera (Oedemera) nobilis 2019-07-16

The white Buddleia, that attracted so many butterflies, also draws a Yellow Underwing


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