In last year’s drought all was brown but this time round the sky keeps on topping up the green.

In spite of the drought, last year provided a bumper fruit harvest. A mast year is usually followed by a thin one but that is not true this time. The hazel is heavy in the hedgerows and the apples are swelling fast


The Cayugas rest under an apple tree


Considering the amount of puddling they do their ground is surprisingly green this year. But we want to give the fruit trees


better soil and allow the orchard grass to develop more flowers so these ducks will go elsewhere and we are encircling the area with green yew


We thought we had been doing well collecting the courgettes while small but there are always some big ones hiding


Purple emerging from green


Last year we grew some “baby” sweetcorn, on an impulse thinking that “baby” meant small. We discovered it was describing the cobs – as the plants shot up to hit the roof of the tunnel. They were so exciting we planted some more this year. They must be a different variety as the their green is trimmed with tassels of red


We have not been growing as many beans this year but the broad beans have thrived


2 thoughts on “Green

  1. Don’t think it’s been a good year for tomatoes, so not to worry. We have fewer veg this year, but we have been busy with other things.


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