August Assortment

This year’s youngsters are growing up…

A Robin from a late brood:

and one a little older

It is not being a good year for tomatoes

they are coming in dribs and drabs rather than a deluge

The Aubergines seem to be doing ok

and outside, apples and pears
are swelling nicely

The flowers on the Venus Flytrap have matured into full seed pods
we are collecting these to germinate.

Cagney and her adopted brood are doing well

and Jaunty, the young cockerel we have put in charge of the bottom flock, is relishing his position

John, one of the female Aylesburys, has had a weak foot following an accident a long time ago. She seems to have been feeling it more recently and spends a lot of time sitting down
Ian, her Muscovy beau, spends a lot time standing by her.

A Small Copper in the meadow today
we think it is the first time we have seen one here.

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