Ducks on the Move Number Two

We are slowly learning that while managing livestock in multiple locations during the relatively benign months of the year can be pleasant, during the time of mud, cold and wind it pays to be more efficient.

So, today was a time for more duck consolidation.

Cayugas were the first breed of ducks we hatched and Lucky, the Drake in charge, dates back to that first brood


He currently has five ducks to look after and they have lived as a close knit isolated group for a long time. When they can find an accidental hole in their netting they are quick to explore but now the time has come to leave with permission they would rather stay where they know


They need encouragement to go down the step


not very elegantly


and it is off past the polytunnel


through the wood and into the meadow


Round the corner and past the hens


towards the gate of their new home


where a reception committee awaits


A bit of a stand off at first


but they soon start settling in, while keeping themselves to themselves


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