Every Tree Counts

We have at least a dozen young trees on site waiting to be planted out this month and in addition have promised The Woodland Trust to bring three more to Gribin Isaf to plant at the end of the month:

Meanwhile we have one that has to go. Last month we wrote about our Eucalyptus trees. One of the large ones is rotting at the base and leaning on a neighbour for support.


Also it is looming over the site of the future rabbitarium


A tricky corner to fell something of this size so an opportunity to try out our saw-on-a-stick


letting us nibble at it bit


by bit


so it slides down in installments


lots of leaves and sappy stems to cart away


and some useful timber


The stump


is overshadowed by its partner


who will appreciate a bit more freedom and continue to wave its shiny flags


Autumn Juvenile Hedgehog

After an early morning handover in a car park an Autumn Juvenile weighing 360g was quickly settled into her home for the Winter, initially indoors but later in the heated Hoggery.

A bit shy at first:

Runny grey poo was not a good sign, as these little hogs often have a considerable worm burden which can quickly be life threatening. Having been wormed, and given antibiotics prescribed by our helpful vet, she is rapidly putting on weight and especially loving her tinned cat food but also sampling the cat biscuits, hedgehog nuggets and Ark Wildlife muesli (no mealworms!).

Poo is now looking much better:

Hedgehogs cannot safely hibernate under 600g and should be a lot heavier than that so now weighing in at 415g she has bed, breakfast and evening meal, free heating and cleaning services probably until the end of April.

One seemingly happy hoglet: