Long Haul Flights Running Early

He arrived today


all the way from western Africa


back on the same tree


as last year, but ten days earlier – here he is arriving on April 17th 2019


The local Tits were not amused


His favourite nest box was ready and waiting, but without a front as cheeky local sparrows had been trying to squat in it


When we put the front back the sparrows were straight back in so a temporary blockage was put in place


By arriving early our Flycatcher must be one of the cleverer ones as UK populations have been declining


possibly due to the migratory species not being able to arrive earlier than in the past and so keep up with the climate change induced earlier springs and associated earlier availability of the insects essential for raising a brood.

One thought on “Long Haul Flights Running Early

  1. Oh wow! Wonderful news!!
    Phil and I are both in aw of such details that you record of all things Gribin Isaf !!

    The detail! The records!! The gentleness and the photography are a delight and we are fortunate to have become your friends! From Roz via email


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