Houdini the Duckling


friend of James

Has successfully raised several duckling broods

and this month she has been sitting again


But the clutch we put under her have come from a variety of sources. James is a bit indiscriminate


The problem is – Muscovys are genetically very different from other breeds and have a a longer incubation time so there was a possibility the eggs might hatch at different times.

In the event, one egg hatched two days ago


Looks like a pure bred Cayuga (nothing to do with Cagney or James) – Lucky and his ladies

must still be up to it.

Anyway, this individual needs care while Cagney sits tight a little longer. Then she can go back.

She is not amused about being all alone and would prefer our constant company if nothing else is available. To get it she will climb the bars


squeeze through onto the table


pretend she can fly


and set off across the carpet


3 thoughts on “Houdini the Duckling

  1. Currently looks like Cagney not having any luck with her other eggs so hoping to put Houdini back with her tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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