Harvest Festival

It has been a very strange year for growing things. It is not clear how much of that is due to the weather and how much to our husbandry.

Let’s start with an “impossible to fail”


Well, the runners are doing OK but not as abundant as in previous years.

Next “can’t fail”


except they have – there is a miserable courgette harvest (think shriveled sausages)

The main success has been rabbit food


We don’t really eat brassicas (apart from broccoli of course) but our rabbits


do. By the barrow load


They do leave some salad for us


The broad beans did well


But we are not talking about the tomatoes


We normally roast and freeze vast quantities but this year they are just not ripening.

Same true of the chillies


although maybe more understandably due to the lack of recent heat.

This round yellow cucumber has done well


Here served with a bizarre success – we have had succulent figs from our rather poorly placed tree


We don’t eat many potatoes. Four years ago someone gave us a few which we dutifully planted. Now each year we get a rogue crop


We note that mooli should be harvested young


The apple trees are overloaded


inspite of Frances taking her toll


We look forward to our share


Likewise with the plums


Maybe we should stick to the wild harvest


3 thoughts on “Harvest Festival

  1. We’ve had enough runner beans for us and the neighbours, but a failure of our cherry tomatoes. Courgettes are small but perfectly formed and tender – probably too little compost in the planting holes on my part.
    How about Tuscan bean stew to use up some of that wonderful cavolo nero, or take some to your community shop, if the rabbits allow?!
    There seems to be very little wrong with your husbandry!


  2. Thank you for your encouragement, we have been a bit surprised by failure this year. Can’t believe the tomatoes. Yes, there have been successes and the brassicas are amazing, sharing them with the cabbage whites of course. Yes, we could use some of the cavolo nero – might do, been thinking about it. To completely fail with courgettes is also quite incredible. But the peas and broad beans have been ok. Win some, lose some.


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