Borders and Barriers

The starlings flew in at the start of the month


taking over as if this is their land


which it is for these winter months.

Large flocks fly over to to roost but during the day they seem to split up the local territory – we have our Ash Tree Mob


Each day, and in their annual movements, they are only restricted by their internal plans and plottings.

More domestic birds


we try to enclose. Sometimes it doesn’t work




thinks she is Borderless (“I am a Welsh sheepdog NOT a Border Collie”)

but we have made her one


The Rabbits may be in their winter quarters


but we have learned Rabbit/Jessie proximity is too stressful for both parties.

So the barrier goes round the house


across the lawn


down to the house


and generally keeps the peace.

Last week we had action on our border


replacing a fence to increase the width of our developing hedge corridor


It maybe our border but for other living things it is a highway.

Post Script

We mainly make these jottings for our own amusement and as a record of our Gribin Isaf days.

We know you are reading this too – you are maybe one of our friends who keep an eye on as from time to time but you may be some stranger who has dropped in.

If you look at a specific post (by clicking/touching the title), rather than being on the home page, you will find a reply/comments box – we would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Borders and Barriers

  1. Hi. Stephen and Beth. I’m still following your wonderful posts and fabulous photos and animal life. Unfortunately I’m shielding (again!!) in lockdown 2. Springfield is still Springfield! Getting used to new ways of teaching and learning is still weird. I’ve just been talking to Y2 class via googlemeet during their computing lesson. Who knows what will happen in the next few weeks????? Love Abx


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