Three, Two, One

Three ducks a sitting


These are the Adventurous Three, otherwise known as “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” who sit superciliously on the fence and then, one one’s back is turned, take off for a quick fly round. Clipping is scheduled for Saturday.

Two hens a pecking


Well, obviously one is not a hen but a cockerel, and neither of them is actually pecking here. The cockerel is one of Gilbert and George, the two which keep this quite large flock in order. We had two cockerels with a flock before and used to remark how well they got on together. Until the day when they had the bloodiest of battles. This time, of course, it will be different. These two do have a larger number of hens to share… we will see. The hen is Honey, who is Top Hen. Just after this picture was taken she was observed standing stock still while one of her subordinates pecked blemishes out of her plumage. A few months ago she got stuck in a fence and cut her neck. You would think that would have set her back but she is fully restored and maintaining her dominance.

One pig a drooling


Bert is ready for his dinner. He is now ten and a half years old and is living a life of leisurely retirement. We can empathise. Apart from the leisurely bit.

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