Estate Agency Problems

We have a very high bird nesting density here, helped by our range of habitats, hard to find in the surrounding fields, plus the food supplements we provide. In spite of there being so many birds they mainly go about their nesting in an unobtrusive way.

We have quite a lot of nest boxes on site. One has often be used by visiting Flycatchers. The problem is that they arrive quite late and in the meantime Tits and Sparrows try to take it over. They have plenty of other places to go so we have to intervene


We can’t move without tripping over wrens is they skit from woodpile to compost heap. Each male builds several nests and takes a potential suitor on a tour to see which they like best. That doesn’t stop him starting a bigamous relationship in one of the others. You would think with all that work they would take advantage of ready built properties. Oh no


this one is expending vast amounts of energy building a nest next to a vacant residence, which was used by a wren last year.

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