Creatures of May

A quick tour of some of the other animals who have been sharing our patch in the last couple of weeks…

This pair of Canada Geese have taken to cruising by in the mornings


we hear them before we see them and all their movements take place in perfect synchronisation. One morning they even landed and were caught in the distance on a phone camera


We had lots of frogspawn down at the lake. The tadpoles developed and vanished. One of them decided to take up residence in a polytunnel water tank


We must have scores of nests on site but get to know the location of very few, outside the boxes. The sparrows use under the eaves but this one has actually deigned to use the purpose built Sparrow terrace


We listen out for the songs of returning migrant warblers but they are not easy to capture on camera. So far the Blackcap has evaded attempts but we did catch a fleeting shot of the Chiffchaff


Some birds are less shy


We have a camera on one of the feeders letting us catch close ups…

…of the seldom seen in the case of the Reed Bunting…

feeder - 2021-05-02 16.51.35

…the otherwise shy Jay…

feeder - 2021-05-08 14.10.26

…and the ubiquitous Wood Pigeon which seems to kind of exist under the radar – to big to be noticed?

feeder - 2021-05-05 19.47.44

Another camera brought us excitement


the first evidence of hedgehog activity for well over a year. We had quite a few on site before the drought of 2019.

And also on camera an ordinary bird doing an ordinary activity but somehow the video has an intimacy which illustrates the myriad animal moments which take place each day at Gribin Isaf

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