June Acceleration Part 1: The Yellow and The Gold

In April we freeze-dried, we spent May under a cold shower, and then came June

Spring at last

A visit from young helpers


and all living things accelerated and sped off. We have been running non-stop trying to catch up with them – not much time for writing here.

So a quick wizz through some June pictures. Part 1: Yellow and Gold.

Basically everything has been golden


but the pièce de résistance is the Meadow


Each year it cycles through dominant species in different ways. Right now the Meadow Buttercup holds sway


Beneath the buttercups the Yellow Rattle has spread further than ever, busy sucking at the grass roots and just starting to flower.

The Laburnum commands the orchard


and beneath, the tulips


are being slowly swallowed up


The golden beech is spreading its branches to catch all available light


Irises on land


and water


where Jessie has to cool off


She has seen the Yellow Poppies everywhere


and has decided to have her own clump by her hovel


One thought on “June Acceleration Part 1: The Yellow and The Gold

  1. I recall the meadow often and it is a happy memory. A good time at Whirlow this morning the theme being trees. All of it felt right for me and to my delight it seems that Jean wants to go every week. I also had another visitor, Julia, in the garden today so it has been a good day. Tim came with some shopping but I had to call for him again at teatime as the smoke alarm was sounding again and I didn’t fancy another sleepless night. They have both been disabled for the time being. M.


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