June Acceleration Part 2: The White

We are looking for the pause button on June, or at least the slo-mo setting that makes it last for, oh ever…

There is a hedgeline on land near us which has grown into a row of mature trees and right now the Rowan and Hawthorn have have turned it into a wall of White.

Looking at one of our Hawthorns


we can see how the blossoms cover the branches, completely covering the leaves


our bees are happy.

The high light of June casts sharp shadows


and emphasises the secret shady places


Our orchard mini-meadow, where this tulip flowers


is so vibrant that some of last year’s seed have migrated to a hard gravel path next to a shed. This Ox-eye daisy is currently about five feet tall and still going up


Promise of peas


More white blossom


Claire is a Speckled (with White) Sussex and is proving an excellent mother (again)


and our Silver Fox rabbits really show off their Silver in the June sun


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