June Acceleration Part 3: The Blue and The Purple

If June so far has been a bright swathe of Yellow and Green punctuated with White fluffy bits then plants that can manage Blue make themselves stand out


in this case the Ceanothus behind the Lake


Also happily in that location is a burst of Green Alkanet


Happily that is for us – it has also put down roots below one of the polytunnels and never ceases to arise and invade the vegetable beds.

Here it can roam as much as it likes


As we remarked the other day, the flavours in the meadow change each year. Right now there seems to be more luscious patches of Clover than in the past


Not sure how we feel about this as we are trying to reduce nitrogen there.


Sure it will work out ok once the Yellow Rattle has finished its root sucking – that too is more widespread than ever this year.

The Comfrey is starting to flower, to the delight of this bee


We have pea flowers in a range of whites, blues and purples. Wonder if this will be reflected in the colour of the peas.


The Orange Tips are enjoying the Aubretia


There is always a bit of sadness looking at a Lilac in full bloom (How many plants have a name which is also a colour?)


It is not complete without dozens of Peacocks, Tortoiseshells and Red Admirals.

The Wisteria on the front of the house died last year (it has been replaced but it will take time to cover the same area) The Clematis has expanded to take advantage of the extra space


This Iris moves us back from Purple to Blue


To end with with the Rhododendron


Like the Green Alkanet, very nice in its place


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