July Jewels

Some little treasures spotted around the plot today.

It is the colour of this rose that is special to us and this year it is producing more blooms than ever


This one might not be as accessible to insects but it certainly packs in the petals


The male Chaser turns up every year and sits on the stump waiting for a female


The Golden-ringed dragonfly seems to prefer thistles

2021-07-07 18.41.26

It is a good year for thistles – including the white ones

2021-07-11 17.59.49

Ox-Eye Daisies are dominating in the Orchard meadow this year but the Poppies are getting a look in


together with one solitary Cornflower


No problem with insect access here


And the closer you look, the more marvels you see


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