Of Plums and Haystacks

Some harvests have crept up on us unawares this year.

(not radishes, obviously)


We were bemoaning our bumper crop of green tomatoes. Then this late warm spell has done the job.


We don’t remember much fruit blossom but suddenly the plum trees are weighed down


Our job today is to get them before the wasps bore into every one


Looks like we will have to make even more wine


Part of maintaining our meadow is to mow and remove all the grass at this time of year


We are currently without pigs, who used up a lot of the cut grass to soak up their mud.


Now that the ducks have two feet of grass to root around in we need to find somewhere else to put it


We did, kind of accidently in the recent hot spell, make some hay which went to the rabbits. We should try harder next year.

Meanwhile we have decided to make a giant pile


and see who takes advantage of this new habitat



One thought on “Of Plums and Haystacks

  1. Sorry you’ve had extra to do on the Sainsbury’s list, I only need to refuse the fish pie when the delivery comes. It’s teaming with rain this morning which is good except for the delivery person. He/she will be glad of the cup of tea that I make as soon as I see the van. It’s a pity there is not supply tunnel from you to me for some of those plums and why are the supermarkets only offering Spanish ones? I don’t expect any callers today so I have time for gardening but too wet, it’s jidsaws or painting or I could tidy the study ÀGAIN. M.


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