Phoenix Time

Tonight the Mourning Moon rises up

as the leaves slowly filter down


The wood is thinning out


Hazel crumples and crispens


and Beech emits a final glow


The Starlings have moved in to observe


couples sit and compile tourist memories


Some flowers choose to persevere, the Japanese Ash


and co-patriot Honeysuckle


the Late Lupin


the Everlasting Rose


But under cover of these activities preparations are already being made for new life


One thought on “Phoenix Time

  1. Beautiful photos and as always – appropriate words Thank you both so much. You always manage to capture the moment.Hope you’re keeping well and have managed to meet your two new grandchildren though I expect they’re growing up very fast.

    Life continues here very much as usual. I am spending mucn more time in my garden as winter approaches and it becomes more difficult to meet outside for the groups I belong to. People are reluctant to meet inside in some of the venues we used to use. Some are too small or difficult to ventilate and other appropriate premises more difficult to find. Returning to zoom is not popular but my book group has done so. We were due to meet in Mavis’s home in October. On the day she heard that her friend she had had lunch with in a local cafe had gone down with covid the following day. So we quickly resorted to zoom and will do so for the time being. So it’s back to walking to see people. I have found a book called The Sheffield Greenway. It is 100 miles linking parks and woods etc never more than 7 miles from the city centre and all linked by public transport. A winter project. Mavis, by the way, escaped the dreaded lurgy.

    However, my two choirs are both meeting in person under strict covid safe conditions. I find it more difficult because of my hearing loss as we are at least a metre from each other- in every way which makes it really hard for me to hear whether I am hitting the correct note. However, it is 100% better than zoom when you can only hear yourself singing along to a recording.

    I seem to have got carried away. Off today to support the midwives who are campaigning nationally today to try and save their profession. Mavis is being interviewed by TV.

    One day we will meet up again, I hope

    Love to you both

    Val xxx


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