It has been a slightly odd year. For example, here we are at midday on the last day and outside the temperature is around 12 degrees,

temp Dec 31

and, more to the point, it has been there for the last thirty-six hours.

temp Dec 30

So, time for a quick look back.


At times, family have appreciated a place to escape to,

yb21 (21)
yb21 (28)
yb21 (19)
yb21 (41)

and we have been able to provide peace and quiet when work needs to be done.

yb21 (43)

Our vegetable growing has been more organised

yb21 (23)
and our Charles Dowding inspired new compost bays attained our Construction of the Year Award.
yb21 (2)

The greenhouse

yb21 (16)

and tunnels

yb21 (11)
yb21 (13)
have been put to good use. The cherry crop in the larger tunnel was the best yet
yb21 (24)
yb21 (25)

As well as the inevitable glut of Runner Beans we enjoyed expanding our growing of Broad Beans and Sugarsnap Peas

yb21 (27)

We grew our Aubergines in the greenhouse, instead of a tunnel, and had better results.

yb21 (31)

Having, towards the end of there year, removed some of the sycamores which were shading the greenhouse we hope for more light and more Aubergines next year


As always, we thought the tomatoes would never ripen but in the end we had a reasonable crop

yb21 (38)
Both our bee colonies survived last winter and seemed to prosper
yb21 (35)

We even took some honey.

We raised new hen stock from several batches of hatching eggs, using both incubators and Broody Claire.
yb21 (15)
yb21 (10)

We managed to sell a lot of eggs during the course of the year.

yb21 (12)

to which the Ducks occasionally volunteered a contribution

yb21 (3)

The Rabbits

yb21 (17)
had a happy year in their summer camp before returning inside for winter. However, they were very resistant to the idea of breeding.

After living with us for six years,

yb21 (1)

we said goodbye to Bert at the advance age of eleven

yb21 (42)

We enjoyed the Tulips in the Orchard

yb21 (14)

and the Dragonflies round the Lake

yb21 (33)

although butterflies were less plentiful

yb21 (6)

Jessie was active

yb21 (5)

and Maisie wasn’t

yb21 (29)

Normal activities continued

yb21 (34)
yb21 (4)
yb21 (39)

We made our annual batch of Elderflower champagne

yb21 (26)

and returned to making country wines

yb21 (40)


yb21 (7)

in all

yb21 (32)

2 thoughts on “2021

  1. Hi to you and your family. Thank you for all the wonderful photographs and messages that you have posted throughout the year. I looked forward to reading about, and looking at all your wonderful achievements. A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours. Love Abigail. X


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