Once Bitten, Twice As High

Two years ago we planted over a hundred new trees on the edge of our meadow

We bought them as plugs from The Woodland Trust and dutifully used the canes and plastic tubes that came as part of the packs.

There has been much debate recently about these plastic tubes. Keith Powell of Stump up for Trees


has an interesting piece in a recent edition of The Land


about he he recently planted 120,00 trees in Wales without them.

We only see the very occasional rabbit and the tubes did seem to be inhibiting leaf growth as well as providing an ideal micro-climate for grass growth.

So last Autumn we removed the tubes…

…and then one morning recently we found rabbits had nipped off fifteen of the young trees


Now removed, we will keep these deformed stumps which should grow into hedging material.

Although we are close to the end of bare root reason out local Nursery


was able to supply us with some well grown field maple whips


They went in today


and being taller than the damaged stock


are worthy of a celebratory roll in the grass


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