Out of the Ash…


The oldest tree at Gribin Isaf is a stately Ash, many years ago part of a hedgerow and now in its later years. As an elderly late riser, it sees no need to bother with leaves until well into the second half of May.

Despite this lack of cover and only being a few yards from the house we were not aware that one of the large horizontal branches held a secret until the Mistle Thrush brood were lifting their beaks above the parapet.


From that time it was only a few days before the adults were calling the young out of their nest


We watched as they tiptoed along branches


and perched precariously in different trees nearby


Food still had to be delivered


We think they all four survived, in spite of at first being a little nonplussed with the idea


4 thoughts on “Out of the Ash…

  1. Our last experience of this was about 10 years ago, when there was a nest in one of the street cherries (no longer there) opposite our house. Fascinating the way they were nesting in the bole about 8 feet up. Another successful fledging, so they obviously know what they are doing.


  2. Sorry to hear they are not around you anymore. Our experience of the nest in the cherry tree was unforgettable. They fledged onto the doorstep of a house across the road and I had to keep watch for ages to make sure the cats didn’t get them.


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