At last…

nestbox - 2022-05-13 09.35.06

We have a number of wildlife cameras set up around Gribin Isaf. As well as being able to watch birds, hedgehogs and other independent creatures we can see the behaviour of our own livestock.

It all started with our nestbox camera which we bought quite a few years ago


Despite frequent relocations to find an acceptable setting, the bird population has stubbornly refused to make use of it. We have many normal boxes around the site which are filled every year – but not this one.

And then at last this year a Bluetit decided to move in

nestbox - 2022-04-08 13.03.53

and produce eight eggs

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-01 at 9.43.32 AM

This week they started hatching

nestbox - 2022-05-11 19.24.09

The mother ate up the shells

nestbox - 2022-05-11 19.23.56

and soon both parents were in attendance

nestbox - 2022-05-12 19.44.21

Non stop in


and out


bringing food


to fill those gaping beaks

nestbox - 2022-05-13 19.10.48

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