Level Headed Claire

We have quite a variety of hen breeds at Gribin Isaf but one of our favourites is the Partridge Orpington.


That is Lazy Susan, one of two young birds of the breed we bought from Lynhall Orpingtons earlier this year. Not fair to call her Lazy really. She was younger than her friend and quite young to be introduced into the flock. She had a hard time at first but is now well integrated.

Our first Partridge Orpingtons came as hatching eggs from a member of our family who breeds them. Part of the outcome from that was George, one of our cockerels.


Last month we got some hatching eggs from Lynhall Orpingtons to try and increase our number of this breed. They went in the incubator but at the same time we were on watch for broodies as it is much easier for us if they take care of the chicks once they are hatched. Unlike when we had to borrow Brenda we have had a number of our birds showing inclinations including a young hen called Amy and Speckled Sussex Claire. Claire is a seasoned mother and has successfully brought up a couple of broods in the past.

We gave both birds a few of our eggs to get them happy until they were needed. On Wednesday one of the eggs under Amy sort of hatched. Sort of, because it looked as if Amy had crushed the egg but when we gave a hand the chick was fine.


As Amy’s mothering skills were in doubt we moved this chick up to the incubator where the following day she was joined by the hatching Orpingtons


Poor old Amy was evicted from the maternity quarters and today Claire was installed and given the brood to take care of


We are hoping she makes a good job of it.

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