The Puzzled Mr Buzz

Despite having kept bees for several years we have never had one of our colonies swarm (as far as we know)

And then yesterday we spotted this


Now a decent swarm would hang itself from a branch from where it could be tidily knocked into a box but this lot had decided to congregate on a stump.

Our two colonies still seemed busy


but this breakaway group were definitely plotting


We quickly improvised a hive and gave them a pathway to security


They made tentative advances


But by nightfall had retreated into a plotting huddle. They were still there this morning so we tried another tactic with a tempting box to adopt


Meanwhile we tried to sort out our miscellaneous hive collection


and managed to piece together a structure to erect over the swarm


as rain was on the way

They may or may not cooperate. Mr Buzz the Beekeeper is certainly puzzled


One thought on “The Puzzled Mr Buzz

  1. What did I say recently? “Just another day at Gribin Isaf”!! My grandpa was a beekeeper and so I have fond memories – especially of the honey!


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