Bella the Buzzard Bamboozler part two

Bella (we only give names to hens of distinction) got up this morning and managed to eat some breakfast.

PXL_20220823_090057647 (1)

Understandably, she was still very fragile so we decided to move her to the special needs zone.


Current occupants are Dora,


who is a bit slow physically (and mentally) and spends a lot of her life sitting down.

And Eliza (because she is a Wayward Daughter),


who became a pathological escapee when part of the main flock.

They live in a strange harmony


which was interrupted today as Bella arrived in their bed.


As the day ends she is still alive although we had a time of concern earlier when she was lying on her side looking pained. This was the result.


Back in the main flock we have been stumped as to how to prevent a reoccurrence of the abduction. These hens have been recently without a cockerel, who can give early warning of overhead predators. We did have one to spare from one of the summer hatchings (currently being fattened up for the pot hence no name) so he was sent of to perform sentry duties.


He was a little puzzled but seemed to take the job seriously being shown the way by Inky,


who is in charge of the new flock next door.

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